Premarital Courses


This course is designed to prepare couples for marriage and is the prerequisite for their wedding to be held at CCC. The Elder who conducts the class will also officiate at the couple’s wedding. The prerequisite for this course is that you are a full member of CCC.  I will update you all on what the main focus is as the classes go on.

July 18, 2010: Some people go into marriage with false expectations.  They think because I am marrying the right person there will be no challenges. Marriage is about both individuals trying to please each other.  But it must be kept in mind that all of our needs cannot be met by another human.

July 25, 2010:

Three things needed from a husband:

  1. Consistency
  2. Decisiveness
  3. Strength

*Champions are not men who never fail they are men who never quit.

August 1, 2010:

  • Marriage is going to change your life.  Children will change it again.  Try to create good memories for your children.
  • He who loves his wife loves himself.
  • Growth demands that we change.
  • Meekness is strength under control
  • Don’t fellowship with angry men.

August 8, 2010:

  • A husband must communicate his admiration and love for his wife.
  • A wife should allow her husband to fail.  Lessons come through the mistakes we make.
  • Make efforts to share in each others interests.
  • Women respond to love men respond to respect.

August 15, 2010:

  • When you please each other you please God.
  • Don’t allow erroneous thinking to cut you off a the knees before you get married
  • Bachelor parties imply that marriage is bondage.  You cannot lay your religion down and pick it up when you feel like it.
  • The presence of God is measured in your home by the husband.

I absolutely am grateful that I attended these classes with my fiancee.  It was a real eye opener and became a conduit for discussions that we didn’t even think about having.  Next step is our one on one (Sept. 24th)  where the Elder will say whether or not he will marry us.

September 24th, 2010:

The Elder approved us 🙂

August 1, 2012:

I’z married :))))))

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