Was “Joseline Hernandez” of ‘Love Hip Hop Atlanta’ was born a man?

Joseline’s strong features and chiseled body is enough to make anyone do a triple take when they see her and even raise an eyebrow in suspicion.

During the advance screening of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” celebrity vlogger, Cadillac Kim indirectly asked Joseline if she was a transgender and this is what happened…

OH! and I guess she just let the cat out the bag that she is not pregnant anymore….

12 thoughts on “Was “Joseline Hernandez” of ‘Love Hip Hop Atlanta’ was born a man?

  1. Tht BITCHS not pregnant she fuckin other ppl boyfriend so he just more dum because he dnt know how many niggas tht BITCHS Fuck she going to get AIDS for Fuckin everybody man dum ass Bitch

  2. Tht BITCH is a man she look & talk like a man & he Fuck tht… (Imjustsaying) tht is so fuckin sad because his wife acting like a dummy, bitch out Ur eye WTF u CNT see tht he Fuckin tht bum ass BITCHS…

  3. she is a man and everybody mouth going to drop when they pay the right person that’s going to tell the truth about it i cant wait lol just cant wait and my boy rickey smiley going to have to live with that he said he would do her (SHE’S A HE)

  4. i believe dat people is jealous of joseline hernandez.dats why dat they’re spreadin fuckn lies she’s a man.people shows dat people dnt wnt u to succeed in shyt.dnt hate joseline becuz she is beautiful and in da spotlight.tell dat lie to someone else.she is all woman.u mite be da damn man.get a lyfe.

  5. No I do not think she is a man. She just a beautiful person that takes care of her body. Her n Be’yonce is the only 2 leading females that have the best bodies . Joseline just look like a better version of Rhianna.

  6. anyone and i mean any one can fake pregnancy. She was not pregnant. Joseline is a man…. okay.. they way she/he talk about abortion so freely like that and taking antibiotics. No true women that has gone through abortion speaks like that, they are so ashamed and secretive. Joseline is a man….dude

  7. world please this girl is a woman ya need to stop it on the real and quit playing games unless ya hating then is all guud you gotta love yo haters so just shake them off joseline…..you a goon love keep the good work….

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  9. This is all woman with a fat ass and a gorgeous hairless pussy if you can’t tell a woman from a man you is blind as a bat 🦇 I got a serious crush on her sexy ass I wish I could taste and feel her pussy

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