4 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. I enjoy the show because i love to see our people doing good. Every race has arguements, just like the other shows about the housewifes they argue. Kandi is self made, lisa is a equal bread winner in her household and nene has been married to the same guy for over 11 years she has help to build her wealth along with her husband. Instead of dwelling on the negative, look at like this, our black brothers and sisters getting ahead, by there own boot straps or from a boost from there partners in life.

  2. I enjoyed your program very much. But I don;t want to be rude, I have a totally unrelated question. I want to know if Steve Perry is wearing a wig or it’s natural hair cut. I have never seen anyone with a hair cut like that, just curious. I hope you don;t take it the wrong way.

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