I have no interest in seeing Tyler Perry’s ‘Witness Protection’

I think he hit his peak and should just start directing.  Honestly who wants to see a 6 foot 5 man running around the screen threading to bust someone’s @ss anymore lol!  Granted ‘Good Deeds’ needed a Madea character in it.  Anyways the film is supposedly getting not so great reviews.  Below is an example of what is being said.  By the way I didn’t even know Denise Richards is in this movie. Smdh…

Madea’s Witness Protection review: Protect us from Tyler Perry

As the incredibly awkward title suggests, Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection is less a movie than it is an exercise in product branding.

It’s a product that has long passed its sell-by date, not that this matters to writer/director/producer Perry and his unaccountably loyal audience.

This is the seventh issue from the Madea franchise at Perry’s Atlanta film factory, wherein this 6-foot-5 male yet again dons fat padding, wig and glasses to play a sassy African-American matriarch.

Besides the title stereotype, Madea Simmons, Perry also plays her brother Joe, who lives and bickers with her in a large Atlanta home with unmown grass and pink flamingos out front. The unstoppable Perry also plays Joe’s son Brian, a federal prosecutor who’s just trying to do some good.

Any hope that Perry might be running out of ideas or steam is drowned out by the ka-ching! of his mighty Madea cash register, which has only its good nature going for it.

The sole inspiration he needed for this film was a news report about the arrest of Ponzi fund scammer Bernie Madoff. What if Madoff were put under the suspicious gaze of cantankerous Madea in her all-black neighbourhood?


I can do bad all by myself


I went to see this movie on Sunday.  I went in thinking ok another Tyler Perry saga …  Woman who was burned by men, picks herself back up and then goes off happily ever after.  Even though this film followed the same script it was slightly different.  Taraji P. Henson did an excellent job as her character- a nightclub singer who rarely sees the light of day, an alcoholic, a woman heavily involved with a married man (Brian White) who pays all her bills..  I don’t want to give away the movie but Brian J. White was very convincing in his role.  Madea has only a small role as comic relief in this melodrama.  Though some of the scenes did not smoothly transition from one to the next the film was good.  It is understood in Perry’s movies, everybody needs a supportive and loving spouse, a family, and a healthy church life. Otherwise, you might end up dead, or worse yet, like Madea!