Jay-Z Backs Obama’s Gay Marriage Stance

Not that his opinion on this really matters….. but Jay-Z has come out in support of President Obama’s recent endorsement of gay marriage. In a recent interview with CNN, the rapper said he believed supporting gay marriage was “the right thing to do.”

For more on the story, including Jay-Z’s thoughts on whether Obama is a threat to the business community, head over to CNN.

N. Korea sentences US reporters to 12 years labor

South Korea North Korea Journalists Held

SEOUL, South Korea – North Korea convicted two American journalists and sentenced them Monday to 12 years of hard labor for crossing into its territory, intensifying the reclusive nation’s confrontation with the United States.  I remember Lisa when she was on the “View.”  Very smart woman.  IMO I did’nt think she belonged on that show.   Now you know this is Oprah’s friend so let’s see how Obama gets her out…

The Obama administration said it would pursue “all possible channels” to win the release of Laura Ling and Euna Lee, reporters for former Vice President Al Gore’s San Francisco-based Current TV media venture.

There are fears Pyongyang is using the women as bargaining chips as the U.N. debates a new resolution to punish the country for its defiant May 25 atomic test and as North Korea seeks to draw Washington into direct negotiations.

Washington’s former U.N. Ambassador Bill Richardson called the sentencing part of “a high-stakes poker game” being played by North Korea. He said on NBC’s Today show that he thinks negotiations for their “humanitarian release” can begin now that the legal process has been completed. Other South Korean analysts also said they expect the two to be freed following negotiations.

The journalists were found guilty of committing a “grave crime” against North Korea and of illegally entering the country, North Korea’s state-run Korean Central News Agency said.
North Korean guards arrested Ling and Lee near the China-North Korean border on March 17. The two were reporting about the trafficking of North Korean women at the time of their arrest, and it’s unclear if they strayed into the North or were grabbed by aggressive border guards who crossed into China. A cameraman and their local guide escaped.

The Central Court in Pyongyang sentenced each to 12 years of “reform through labor” in a North Korean prison after a five-day trial, KCNA said in a terse, two-line report that provided no further details. A Korean-language version said they were convicted of “hostility toward the Korean people.”

The ruling — nearly three months after their arrest on March 17 — comes amid soaring tensions fueled by North Korea’s nuclear test last month and signs it is preparing for a long-range missile test. On Monday, North Korea warned fishing boats to stay away from the east coast, Japan’s coast guard said, raising concerns more missile tests are being planned.

Over the weekend, President Barack Obama used strong language on North Korea’s nuclear stance and said his administration did not intend “to continue a policy of rewarding provocation.”

source:  N. Korea sentences US reporters to 12 years labor – Yahoo! News

Are you smarter than a 4th grader?

On Sunday, during her first public appearance in Washington since she left office, Rice was questioned again about her involvement in President Bush’s torture policy — this time by fourth-grader Misha Lerner at a Jewish day school. The Washington Post reports:

Misha Lerner, a student from Bethesda, asked: What did Condoleeza Rice think about the things President Obama’s administration was saying about the methods the Bush administration had used to get information from detainees?

Rice took the question in stride. saying that she was reluctant to criticize Obama, then getting to the heart of the matter.

“Let me just say that President Bush was very clear that he wanted to do everything he could to protect the country. After September 11, we wanted to protect the country,” she said. “But he was also very clear that we would do nothing, nothing, that was against the law or against our obligations internationally. So the president was only willing to authorize policies that were legal in order to protect the country.”

Chrysler will file for bankrutpcy


Image source: reuters

BREAKING NEWS: WASHINGTON Officials tell the AP that Chrysler will file for bankrutpcy as talks with creditors fail. — The following story was filed earlier this morning. DETROIT Chrysler will survive.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because the filing plan has not been formally announced.

The government had long hoped to stave off bankruptcy for Chrysler, but negotiations with hedge funds that hold its outstanding debt crumbled overnight.

Local Chrysler dealers not worried

Bankruptcy doesn’t mean the nation’s third largest automaker will shut down. And Chrysler is expected to sign a partnership with the Italian company Fiat as early as today as part of its restructuring plan.

President Barack Obama is expected to discuss the nation’s auto sector at noon.

source: NYT