Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding Episode 3


Kim talks like trailer trash.  Nene could add some flair to this show opposed to She by Sheree.  I think Nene and Kim need to reconsider the things they have said about one another. If they were once friends, Their differences should have been resolved along time ago and never went that far and not let a lil fame come between them. That’s what friends do, they come to terms and blow it off. They allowed the show to come between their friendship and exploit them. The funny part is that neither of them were no-bodies before the show, but you wouldn’t think that by the way they carry it. If Kim should leave RHWOA and her show is a flop I wonder what she’ll do?


1.  Who wears a stripper jumpsuit to their reception?

2.  Why do you want to show side boob when your psychic said his family doesn’t want him to marry you?

3.  1 million dollars for a backyard wedding reception???

4.  Why doesn’t Kim  give Rose some money so she can get her stairs fixed?



Kim, leaving Rose’s house: “C’mon lets go, I got to pee like a f****** race horse…Let me be careful in my hooker heels”