Jay-Z Backs Obama’s Gay Marriage Stance

Not that his opinion on this really matters….. but Jay-Z has come out in support of President Obama’s recent endorsement of gay marriage. In a recent interview with CNN, the rapper said he believed supporting gay marriage was “the right thing to do.”

For more on the story, including Jay-Z’s thoughts on whether Obama is a threat to the business community, head over to CNN.

Russian Roulette= Increase in suicidal rate


R&B singer Tiffany Evans has something to say about RiRi’s “Russian Roulette”.  Her tweets are about the rumored corruption and brainwashing that goes on behind the scenes of the entertainment industry, often referred to as a group called the “Illuminati”.   It’s basically a rumored group or organization of powerful people in the industry that brainwash audiences with hidden messages in songs, music video’s, political campaigns etc. Stars such as Kanye West, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Matthew Knowles have all been accused of being involved, as have various politicians and actors.

Here is what she had to say…..

“Russian Roulette= Suicidal Rate gon’ sky rocket!

You gotta watch what u say. Because there are a lot of weak people in the world. They are susceptible to anything so anything you say or do some people actually do listen. So make sure its nothing bad. Its okay to be deep,but not murder deep.

Man! I really wish I could tell you guys what the industry really is and what stars are apart of destroying this world. The stars who worship satan,and those who have killed to get the respect they have now. You’d be verrrry surprised. Some of your favorite people pretend to worship God but they only do that to save face. Or seem innocent.

Satan was head of music in heaven. He uses influential people…to help influence the world. Think about that. Once u make a certain amount of money. Just know that that’s when they ask u to join. To get in you have accept the beast, worship. Once you join they assist u with ur career.make u huge.only if u agree and obey to destroy Gods word.and his children.

Ppl listen and pay attention. Its a war going on right now between Good and Evil. Evil will rule this world for a min. The people that have this power are the people that RULE the whole world. I’m done I won’t say anymore before I get in trouble.”

source:  The prophet blog

The death of Auto tunes


Auto-Tune is a proprietary audio processor created by Antares Audio Technologies that uses a phase vocoder to correct pitch in vocal and instrumental performances. It is used to disguise inaccuracies and mistakes, and has allowed many artists to produce more precisely tuned recordings.

In addition to being used to subtly change pitch, with some settings it can be used as an effect to deliberately distort the human voice.[2]

I had an interesting convo with my friend yesterday in regards to Mos Def’s latest battle request to Jay  Z.  See video below if you haven’t heard.  The conversation went from discussing is Jay Z what he claims, the king of rap to is Jay Z mad because he couldn’t use auto tunes in any of his music because it would hurt his career.  Well I had to express my opinion in regards to Jay Z being the King of rap.  If that is how he feels that is his opinion.  At the end of the day this is a business.  Mos Def took the statement personal because he states that Jay Z is being disrespectful to the likes of Slick Rick and Rakim.  First of all Slick Rick was never the King of rap.  Rakim has a totally different style all together.  Also, Slick Rick use to do the same kind of bubble gum rap that Jay currently does.  If Jay turned around and started getting hood with his lyrics again you know what would happen right????  He would lose business hence he would lose money.  It’s like everyone wanting Mary J. Blige to start singing about pain again.  No can do cause she is in a different place in her life right now.  So does this mean she is not keeping it real????  Now don’t get me wrong I like Mos Def but I think his battle request is far fetched.  In regards to auto tunes I think Jay is right it’s run it’s course and everyone shouldn’t depend on T-Pain sounds to get a hit.  The robotic auto tune sound is becoming old quickly………  It’s all about the benjamins! Kick push!