Huh? Men Interested in Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority??? They Call Themselves MIAKA’s



Well-coifed Black men in pink and green outfits. Flawless make-up. Pearl bracelets. When images of presumably gay men dressed like Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA) Sorority members surfaced on the Internet, message boards lit up across Black America as folks expressed concern that the men had created their own unofficial chapter of AKA.

Photos of inductees to the Tri Alpha Chapter of MIAKA (Men Interested in Alpha Kappa Alpha) from Texas Southern University and Prairie View A&M were published on a forum that became a user showdown. Black radio lines buzzed, and Houston’s CBS affiliate ran a story.

The media portrayed the group as a rogue “new” faction of gay men, dead set on infiltrating AKA, the nearly century-old sorority. AKA National stressed MIAKAs had “no official or unofficial standing with the sorority.” MIAKAs claimed foul play. Both parties threatened lawsuits.

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Update: June 11, 2012: just learned that a group of GAY MEN plan on filing a lawsuit against the prestigious Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. You see the GAY MEN believe that they should have the opportunity to pledge the sorority.

For now, the gay men have created a non-sanctioned “sister” sorority to the AKAs . . . and they call it the MiAKAs. The MIAKAs use the same hand signs, the same steps, and the same COLORS as the traditional AKAs.