Kordell Stewart filed to DIVORCE his Atlanta Housewives’ wife Porsha


According to Mediatakeout.com.  Is this real or another NeNe and Gregg?

March 26, 2013: MediaTakeOut.com learned that on Friday, Kordell Stewart filed to DIVORCE his Atlanta Housewives’ wife Porsha – the two had been married for two years.

What happened??? . . . the Atlanta Housewives SHOW happened. MediaTakeOut.com REPORTED to you last week that Kordell Stewart PUT HIS FOOT DOWN and told Porsha that he did not want her to be a part of the Atlanta Housewives anymore. Kordell believed that the shows SCRIPTED scenes were DESTROYING both their images, and putting undo PRESSURE on their marriage.

Porsha initially agreed and told KORDELL that she would not be rejoining the cast. But according to MediaTakeOut.com’s insider, Porsha went BEHIND Kordell’s back, and began NEGOTIATING with Bravo to stay on the show.

Kordell found out . . . and he was HOT!!! The insider told MediaTakeOut.com, “Kordell was furious, he felt that [Porsha] was lying to him. And he filed for DIVORCE.” The first words on the divorce petition are “Petitioner [Kordell Stewart], after marrying respondent, a cast member on the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” . . . ”

But don’t get too excited just yet. Our insider claims that Porsha’s marriage can STILL BE SAVED . . .if she decided to QUIT the Housewives show for good.

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