I have no interest in seeing Tyler Perry’s ‘Witness Protection’

I think he hit his peak and should just start directing.  Honestly who wants to see a 6 foot 5 man running around the screen threading to bust someone’s @ss anymore lol!  Granted ‘Good Deeds’ needed a Madea character in it.  Anyways the film is supposedly getting not so great reviews.  Below is an example of what is being said.  By the way I didn’t even know Denise Richards is in this movie. Smdh…

Madea’s Witness Protection review: Protect us from Tyler Perry

As the incredibly awkward title suggests, Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection is less a movie than it is an exercise in product branding.

It’s a product that has long passed its sell-by date, not that this matters to writer/director/producer Perry and his unaccountably loyal audience.

This is the seventh issue from the Madea franchise at Perry’s Atlanta film factory, wherein this 6-foot-5 male yet again dons fat padding, wig and glasses to play a sassy African-American matriarch.

Besides the title stereotype, Madea Simmons, Perry also plays her brother Joe, who lives and bickers with her in a large Atlanta home with unmown grass and pink flamingos out front. The unstoppable Perry also plays Joe’s son Brian, a federal prosecutor who’s just trying to do some good.

Any hope that Perry might be running out of ideas or steam is drowned out by the ka-ching! of his mighty Madea cash register, which has only its good nature going for it.

The sole inspiration he needed for this film was a news report about the arrest of Ponzi fund scammer Bernie Madoff. What if Madoff were put under the suspicious gaze of cantankerous Madea in her all-black neighbourhood?


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