RHODC Cat and Charles split

Photo by: Stephen J Boitano/Bravo.

Catherine “Cat” Ommanney, says her life is in shambles since the end of the show. Her dashing political photographer husband, Charles, left her and her book deal went up in smoke. Cat says she’s “three stone lighter” (yo, isn’t that like 42 pounds? whoa…) and that she’s lost all of her family since the show. Cat and Charles had a whirlwind romance that caused her to pack up her 2 daughters (from a previous marriage), leave the UK and come to the states to marry Charles. The new family settled in Chevy Chase, MD and ultimately wound up on the reality show despite most of DC’s “elite” not knowing who she was.

Cat says she has not seen or spoken to Charles since he bounced and any hopes of getting back together are gone. Cat also says she wants no parts of a 2nd season of The Real Housewives of DC. Her book deal (which she talks about endlessly on the show) has also been put on freeze because how can you write about your fabulous life when it’s not so fab anymore?

Read the rest at The Daily Beast.

Or at the NY Times The ‘Housewives’ Husband Who Wishes He Said No


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