Jersey Reunion

Last night’s episode was very upsetting bc regardless of how Theresa feels towards Danielle she reacted like a beast!!!! She sat there waiting for the right moment to pounce on her. If Caroline’s children had friend’s like that she would not stand for it so why is she condoning her behavior! She is a mother of 4 daughters who likes to fight and it doesn’t just stop with Danielle she has made negative comments about Bethanny as well and acts like she is superior yet she is in financial woes and denying it. I do like Caroline’s character on the show but Theresa doesn’t seem like the type of woman she would hang out with. Theresa is garbage also!

Update:  According to reports, the nephew Danielle was referring to during the reunion show is Teresa Giudice’s husband love child that’s why she flew into a angry rage. Danielle was being snarky. The baby boy is said to be 6 months and Danielle knows the baby mother well.

The reason she said nephew is because joe’s family is obsessed with the little blond hair blue eye little boy and (joe’s sisters) carry him around town. If someone ask who’s son, they will refer to the baby boy as their nephew. But tara the girl who had the baby tells everyone who will listen that it’s joe’s, she does not try to hide it. It won’t be much longer before all this ish hit the fan very very soon. Danielle knows the entire story, that’s why they would not allow her to do to much talking.

Second Update:


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