“Can’t Be Friends” Trey Songz

Trey’s new album Passion, Pain & Pleasure arrives in stores on September 14th.  This song is tha truth!


Look What This Girl Done Did To Me,
She Done Cut Me Off From A Good Good Love.
She Told Me That Those Days Were Gone.
(Gone, Gone, Gone)


Now Im Sitting Here Going Half Crazy.
Cause I Know She Still Thinks About Me Too.
And There Aint No Way In Hell, That I Can Be Just Friends With You.
(You, You, You)
And I Wish We Never Did It,
And I Wish We Never Loved It,
And I Wish I Never Fell So Deep In Love With You And Now There Aint No Way That We Can Be Friends.

Verse 2:

The Way You Felt, No Faking It.
Maybe We Were Moving Just A Little Too Fast.
But What We’ve Done We Cant Take It Back.
(Back, Back, Back)


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