RHNJ- End of the Road…

The ladies are back on Jersey’s shores and are determined to put Danielle out of their lives for good. An emotional dinner at Teresa’s leads to a commitment from Caroline and an invitation Danielle cannot turn down. The showdown that everyone was waiting for finally takes place – Caroline and Danielle face off, but this time there are no books, no family, no distractions and nowhere to run.

RHNJ has become so boring.  The trip to Italy was such a snooze fest.  Theresa’s kids are out of control and rude!  Jaqueline is a follower and Caroline is a big bully.  Watching her sit there like a mobster trying to put Danielle in her place was hilarious.  Favorite line “your calling me a clown sitting there with red hair!”  Haaaa lmaof!  Danielle does not owe Ashley anything what she did was inexcusable and she should suffer the consequences and none of this would have happened if Theresa didn’t chase Danielle in the Brownstone…. Anyways stay tuned for the reunion next week it looks like it’s going to be off the chain, especially when Theresa pushes Andy Cohen off her.


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