Is God Keeping You Single or Keeping You Together?

Check out this interesting article on by Delano Squires on the role of religion in relationships and marriage.  While not specifically referring to Christianity, given the religious demographics of the African American community, the general arc of both pieces, […]

Cohabiting Before Marriage – Life Saver or Death Sentence is another interesting article I stumbled upon today.

The thing about living together before you get married is, when you’re living together and you’re not married, the stakes don’t seem as high. Relative to if you were a married couple, you have way less to lose if the relationship fails. Because of this, these minor individual traits become huge issues. They cause little fights and disagreements – those disagreements grow into arguments. In those arguments, the fact that you guys haven’t yet made the decision to be committed to one another for the rest of your lives will make both of you less likely budge and compromise. Continue reading….

The signs of a Keeper is also a good read as well…

1. The female members of the family love him or her

2. They are able to handle stressful situations without making everybody around them worse

3. You feel better about yourself when they’re around

Continue reading….


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