RHONY Reunion is finally ova!!!

That show was so draining….

Kelly: You seriously need help!  You constantly contradict yourself and seem as if you are a ticking time bomb.  To be oblivious to the behavior of Jill proves that as well.  Go have some gummy bears.  Also, did Bravo’s Andy Cohen show up at your house with handcuffs and force you onto a plane against your will?  If you didnt want to go on the trip you did not have to I am pretty sure Gilles Bensimon is giving you a nice bank deposit every month….    In regards to the systematic bullying… didn’t you get arrested last year for beating up your beau…  Also, bullies won’t allow the person they are bullying to instigate an argument.  Now go put on a fur and take pics for PETA while eating a burger and reading a Playboy mag.

LuAnn: I’m pretty sure you didn’t expect Andy to question whether or not your husband is still with the Egyptian Princess lmao…  For someone who is suppose to have sooo much class why do you constantly point out others flaws?  That’s not classy just like those floral pants you wore when you lip synced “Money can’t buy you class.”  But it can buy you voice lessons smh…..

Ramona: You are hilarious and you are right if you can dish it you should be able to take it Jill…  Your renewal is what it is take it or leave it.  As long as your family is happy so be it.  I loved it when Kelly asked you if you regretted calling her stupid, and and you said, “Oh I call everyone stupid. I call my own daughter stupid sometimes” and Kelly was like, “Don’t do that, don’t call you daughter stupid” and then you said, “I don’t actually. I was just saying that to make you feel better.” Ha!

Bethanny: You tried to make up with Jill numerous times and now she is ready.  Uh Pu-leaze….remove jealous toxic ppl out of your life.

Alex:  I love the way you broke out this season.  Jill is very snarky!  Her NY B@tch comment didn’t even make sense.  And you are right she doesn’t fight fair.  Funny how no one came to her defense on “Team Jill.”  I do believe she is upset bc you and Ramona will make cameos on Bethanny’s show and she isn’t.  I think this show would be good if Jill did not return she is as toxic as it gets.  As long as you go along with her snarkiness its all good but when you don’t watch out!

Jill aka “Susan Saunders”: Jill is her own worst enemy!  Lu Ann and Kelly, both so desperate for the friendship of Jill they craftily fuel the disagreements. They make Jill believe she is right, Jill also makes every discussion about her.  You gotta get over this Alex vendetta.


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