“Basketball Wives,” ughhhhh…..

Why can’t I get into this show? There is only one woman who is currently a wife and she isn’t even happily married. So where do I begin….

Royce smh… Tired of seeing her shake her money maker like that is all she can do. Plus she looks like “the orphan.”

Jennifer Williams… her voice is so annoying as well as her upity personality. Your from Jersey come on!!!!

Suzie Ketcham don’t really know too much about her she just blends in….

Evelyn Lozada from NYC she is just as annoying as Jennifer that’s why they are best buds.

Gloria Govan is in denial if she thinks her husband is safe from the prying hands of groupies.

Last night’s episode was ridiculous bc Jennifer confronting a groupie about coming on to her husband just made her look even more sad.  The main issue is with her husband not the groupie smh…. and that is obvious from the way he talks to her.


3 thoughts on ““Basketball Wives,” ughhhhh…..

  1. The show is called Basketball Wives, yet most of the cast are EX girlfriends/fiance’s of basketball players. One is a “soon to be wife” (well…maybe…I mean how much longer is it going to take before she officially gets to the marrying part….especially after giving birth to the babies already), and between the only two “wives” on the show,one is going through a divorce (if she isn’t divorced already) and the other is contemplating divorce….and hell one of the cast members IS NOT NOTED TO HAVE EVEN DATED OR BEEN ENGAGED to a basketball player (????)…I agree with you blogger…maybe I should hire a celebrity stylist to change up my look and inhance my wardrobe, and sure, why not create an image for myself filled with drama and mystique while I’m at it, and I too can be part of the “Basketball Wives” cast….(yeah sure 🙂 )

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