‘Avatar’ Tops $1 Billion

I went to see this last week!  Good Lawd!!!  2 hours and 45 mins!!!!  R u serious!  It was good but the length of the film made no sense.  Anywho, just like “The Princess & the Frog,” this movie is catching flack for being racist.

I definitely noticed a racial tone to the movie’s story. Not sure if I wanna call it racism/stereotyping, or a fictional story actually portraying FACTUAL and tragic accounts of black/native-american history (Trail of Tears, the enslavement of Blacks)…it amazes me to think about the audacity and inhumanity of whites over the history of time and how consistent their whole “conquer and defeat” tactic was towards practically all other races, cultures, and lands. Did anyone who watched the movie peep the way the Na’vi female character wore braids throughout the whole movie, but in the one love scene, her braids had “mysteriously disappeared” and they gave her long, flowy straight hair as if the braids were too ethnic for that scene (good point)? Really, Hollywood?? – Felecia

Of course it was racist. It only just happens they needed a white man to save them from the human colonizers. But wait, he’s not really a white human anymore, he’s a mix of both worlds and cultures and as such proves to be superior to the actual Na’vi. What does that mean? That his superior genes and intellect allowed him to save them as they were a tribe too simple to prevent their demise? This film includes an indigenous culture, with echoes of our own, that portrays an inferior race to that of the humans… which in the film are 95% white. Go figure.- Van


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