Preview The Deluxe Edition Of Chris Brown’s ‘Graffiti’

MTV is allowing people to preview his album in its entirety before the December 8th release date. Between Rihanna selling her album for a mere 99 cents last week and still not generating adequate sales and Mariah’s sub par record sales, which prompted her to remix her entire album right after it was released, times must really be rough… I will be honest though, Chris’ album is actually pretty good.

Full Description

A mere 20-years-of-age, Chris Brown’s growing musical legacy, and preternatural talent, is quickly becoming unmatched by his peers and his new album is only stepping up his game. Graffiti, Brown’s third album – featuring appearances by Lil Wayne, Swizz Beatz, Trey Songz and the Game – is filled with club bangers, R&B pop classics-to-be and soulful tunes that you’ve now learned to expect from this young dancer/singer. You’ve been teased with ‘I Can Transform Ya’ and ‘Crawl,’ now hear the album in its entirety. All 13 songs on his new album, Graffiti, right here, right now, only on The Leak.


  1. 01. I Can Transform Ya (3:49)
  2. 02. Sing Like Me (4:15)
  3. 03. Crawl (3:56)
  4. 04. So Cold (3:39)
  5. 05. What I Do (4:00)
  6. 06. Famous Girl (3:39)
  7. 07. Take My Time (4:39)
  8. 08. I.Y.A. (3:09)
  9. 09. Pass Out (3:53)
  10. 10. Call On Me (3:53)
  11. 11. Wait (4:30)
  12. 12. Lucky Me (5:11)
  13. 13. Fallin Down (4:11)
  14. 14. I’ll Go (3:06)
  15. 15. Girlfriend (4:10)

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