Was it just me???




Honestly does this help Chris Brown by picking apart everything that he says???  No.  He is still young and can turn his life around so that he does not do this to another woman. But the bashing is ridiculous.  People bash him like he should go and jump off of a bridge!  Remember he was great b4. To think that an abuser will always be an abuser is false just like a junkie can turn their life around so can an abuser.  With counseling and treatment I think that would benefit both him and Rihanna.  I was hoping that she would mention that she is in counseling so that she could let other young women see there are options.

Also, IMO the both of them are being pimped out just to sell for their labels especially with these paid interviews.  They have her up there looking like Sharon Stone in “Basic Instinct.”  If their labels really cared about them, they would have allowed them to heal from this situation and not encourage them so soon to go back into the same spotlight that invaded their “privacy.”  I hope the both of them get to heal from this and continue growing up.  They are still young…..


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