Relationship prayer


My Prayer For Her
I was initially overwhelmed … taken aback by a love that seemed so unreal.

Was this the blessing I had patiently been waiting for? Was she the final stop on a long and arduous relationship journey?

I think so … no scratch that, I know so.

I know that my destiny has finally been realized.
I know that I would give my all to make her heart smile.
I know that she would do the same for me.
And I also know that I have so much to be thankful for.

So thank you God … thank you for blessing me with her.

Thank you for blessing me with a woman who sees love and sees

You in the exact same way that I do.

Thank you for allowing us to meet at a moment in time where we both were mentally and physically prepared to receive one another.

And thank you for granting me the opportunity to love her in a way that can be used as an example to the world on the proper way to love.

Please bless us…

Guide us…

Protect us…

And may we always let You lead the way as we walk towards our destiny in You …

a future life as man and wife.

This is my humble prayer.


Source: Flyguy


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