Alicia Keys Debuts New Single For NYU Students

Alicia Keys held “The Element of Freedom Lecture & Performance Series” yesterday (Oct. 21) at New York University’s Skirball Center. During the event, she gave NYU students — most of which were aspiring songwriters — an exclusive debut performance of her new single, “Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart,” from her upcoming album “The Element of Freedom.” The album will be released on Dec. 1 on J Records.

“I wanna find a way to make it without you tonight / I’m gonna try to find a way to make it without you / I’m gonna hold on to the time we had tonight without you,” Keys sings during the chorus over smashing cymbals and extended organ-like piano strokes.

Keys, backed by a four-piece band and two back-up singers — including up-and-coming musician Jermaine Paul (who opened up the performance portion of the event) — also performed “You Don’t Know My Name,” “Falling,” parts of Jay-Z’s “Empire State Of Mind,” on which she is featured, “No One” and the first single off her upcoming album, “Doesn’t Mean A Thing,” which is currently No. 15 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

At the top of the evening, Keys sat with MTV host Sway Calloway for an interview segment, during which she shared her discoveries while recording her fourth studio album.

“When I first started going to the studio, it was like I didn’t know what to do. All I knew was doing it till the point of exhaustion — submersing myself till the point of possibly drowning,” Keys said. “But, for the first time in my recording career, I feel I finally found the key, and that is to allow yourself to be free. With this album I found such a balance and I took things in that inspire me, which can come from anywhere. It just helped me enjoy the process first and foremost.”

Keys also revealed the struggles she faced while a college student at New York’s Columbia University and how she managed being a student and trying to become an artist. “When you’re trying to juggle and put everything in motion, no one’s going to hold your hand. You have to figure out how to juggle getting your work done while still pursuing other things,” she said. “Everything has its place and no one is getting short changed but you if you don’t get around it. You have to make choices and either you’re going to shine or not.”

One of the most revealing moments of the evening was when Keys talked about reaching her lowest point. “I felt my lowest during my last record. I started to understand that I was dealing with people who I thought were my friends but in reality had other intentions,” she said. “So, things had to change. Sometimes you have to get rid of people in your life that don’t work with you. You have to stay in your path and when people are pulling you down, you have to cut ties.”

Source:  Billboard


20 thoughts on “Alicia Keys Debuts New Single For NYU Students

  1. Wow, I love what Miss Keys had to say, I’m trying to juggle hella shit but I keep sacrificing my life and success to make others happy. That was good to hear.

    -Thank You Alicia Keys

  2. me parece que eres muy hermosa y y tienes mucho talento que dios te mantenga siempre asi y que te de mucha salud y te vendiga………. desde venezuela I LOVE

  3. i am ten and i love to sing you are my idol and i love all your songs someday i want to be famous like you and be brought to the music industry by you like usher brought beiber

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