9-09 Cover

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member Kim Zolciak phoned the morning show to denounce Heckert’s brand-new “Housewives” cover story in Atlanta’s September issue as “trashy” and “nasty.” (listen to Heckert’s B98 interview and Zolciak’s rebuttal here)

The title of said story? “Trashionistas.”

“I expect that kind of story in the Star, not in your hometown magazine,” Zolciak complained. She went on to say that her fellow “Housewives” are also upset by the story as is the show’s network Bravo (apparently, the network doesn’t actually view the content it airs…).

Zolciak said she took particular exception to a passage about her smoking in front of her children (a factoid that Heckert ingeniously unearthed by, well, watching an episode of the show…).

“Don’t talk about my kids,” Zolciak scolded on air. “Irregardless [sic] there was no need to write that…The show is for entertainment purposes.”

Explaining the story’s incendiary headline, Heckert said Tuesday: “An ‘ista’ of any kind is someone who works something to their advantage. These women are peddlers of trash and that works for them. Their ratings are through the roof.”

While the magazine officially hits news stands Thursday, hundreds of attendees at Monday night’s Fashion Cares benefit received an advance copy of the issue in their Jeffrey goody bags. The mag served as quite the conversation starter for folks who paid $500 a piece to support the fund-raiser for the Atlanta AIDS Partnership Fund and the Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Sniffed one bejeweled attendee to another seated on the front row of the fashion runway as she leafed through the “Housewives” photo spread: “We certainly have become liberal with our use of the word ’socialite’ these days, haven’t we?” OUCH!

source:  Access Atlanta by Richard Eldredge


2 thoughts on “Trashionistas?

  1. I did a little searching about Kim Z. on the Georgia Board of Nursing website. It appears she actually WAS a nurse…there are rumors floating around that she was a nursing assistant, but, she was an LPN (her license is lapsed now.)

    Where the heck did she work? Does anybody know? Somehow, I can’t really see her wiping any butts. No wonder she let her license go. Well, I can’t imagine $15-20/hour supports the lifestyle she wants, either.

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