The Real Housewives of ATL Season 2 episode 3

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LAWD!!!!! Why did Sheree do that???? Pulling on that woman’s wig like that smh…. I give Kim credit she doesn’t back down. I think they are both lying though. They were thick as thieves last season so what gives???? And what is up with Sheree’s friend Ms. size 0 (Tania)! Granted Nene did start it by saying “you need a sandwich.”

Kim Zolciak
Can’t Hold Me Down
Kim reflects on her street fight with NeNe and Sheree

This is the week we’ve all been waiting for. I hesitantly decided to meet with two adults to supposedly clear the air and hopefully get back to being friends and instead what happens? She-Ra and He-Man (barely able to run) chase me out onto the street to TRY to pull my wig off. What was pulling my wig off going to do? So classy.

I am absolutely floored at the way these women choose to handle “issues.” Why are you going to come beat my ass over WORDS? How come she didn’t run after Anthony’s (the party planner) ass like she ran after mine? Can we say BULLY?

I’m so over these women and their need to TOUCH people … I really am.

I was so happy to see my girlfriend Jody. I know that this is a television show and it’s edited for your enjoyment, but I was REALLY hurt and saddened by what she did that night. With all of the pulling and tugging, my wrist got cut and I lost a very expensive bracelet that has YET to be found! I wonder who found it … hmmmmm.

I just cracked up at the whole housewarming party. Sheree’s friend Tanya dissed the hell out of NeNe and Lisa. She did have a point! LOL! And why is Sheree asking so many QUESTIONS?

“Whatever happened to customer service?” and “Whatever happened to coming in and saying hello?”

I have a question for Sheree: WHATEVER HAPPENED TO DIGNITY AND CLASS?! And especially in public!

This episode really just brought me back to my intense feelings on how unnecessary violence is. I don’t have a violent bone in my body, so it is really hard for me to process the fight and no matter how hard they push me or how many times they call me a “LIAR,” I will continue to STAND. I’ll stand because if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. And I haven’t fallen YET so keep trying!

xoxo Kim Z.


4 thoughts on “The Real Housewives of ATL Season 2 episode 3

  1. Kim you have got to be kidding me. When I watch the show I was so upset for you. How could you allow her to do that to you in national television. Class or no class, the first words out of her mouth in the restaurant when you walked away was “I’m going to kick her ass”. Pulling on your wig was a cheap shot. Nene claims to be your friend, and love your children she should never have allowed Sheree to disrespect you like that!!As for you, you have to admit you have a big mouth, but you cannot be all bark and no bite!!The minute she laid a hand on you, you should of laid her out and made an example out of her. I am a mother and I do not believe in violence, but I assure you I would never take that type of abuse from anyone. I pay any woman to lay a hand on me. You only left room for the others to abuse you. My advice to you is not violence, but you need to stand up for yourselve. EVERY WOMAN FOR HER SELVE.

  2. Nene and Sheree were wrong for that…..Sheree had no right and Nene was an instigator….Nene and Sheree looked trashy ganging up on Kim despite how innocent they try to act afterward……i think Kim handled the situation and deserves credit…..The ladies on the show do not show Black women in a positive light at all…nor does the very tired Dwight..he’s a joke too…..and for Gail King Anderson Cooper and other respected journalists to think Nene is clever they missed the point of a show wherein ladies make a fuss and cause a scene and for what????? TV RATINGS….BAM!

  3. I really agree with the other two ladies. First of all we as black women need to have more respect for ouselves than to let the media make a circus act out of us. What Sheree did was a disgrace to all of us. Especially those of us who are in the senior category and have suffered discrimination over the years while trying to lift up our image in the publics eye. I am really disgusted that women who claim to have class can act like real ghetto tramps for the whole worl to see. I thought we had risen above this.

    Sheree is the worst of the bunch she is not only not pretty on the outside, but also shows that she has a very ugly soul. When she had that fight with the party planner she showed her true colors. because that was not the way to handle the problem. When I hire someone to do a job for me, if they can’t take directions I just fire them and get someone else . To have a screaming match with them is unnecessary and uncalled for, and shows that you have no class. And by the way you cannot buy class, you either get it at an early age or you don’t. Her actions of pulling on Kim’s hair was really ugly. Someone should pull on that weave she’s wearing.

    Ne Ne is way too rowdy, and needs to either get a breast lift, or put on a bra. If she claims to be a friend of Kim’s she should have pulled sheree off of her, But the only thing about NeNe that makes me watch her is that she is comical.

  4. I for one can see right through all the nonsense! kim, i can say without a shadow of a doubt, NeNe is friend to NO ONE, not even herself! She is the most broken, sad, classless, indivual I have ever seen. Sheree is just as you call it, an opportunitst and is ONLY associating herself with NeNe because she is the most media whore. Lisa is also “hanging’ with NeNe for what she can get out of it. Khandi seems to keep her guard up and not ge too close.

    To sum it up, if it wasn’t for this show NO ONE would ever bee seen in public or admit they even know NeNe. NeNe is pure toxin and is jealous of all of you, especially you! Yes, there may have been a time she was fun to be around but she is a hateful turn-coat and can’t be trusted in anyway! No matter how much grooming she gets the first season showed who she really is. You can’t make a silk purse out of a pigs ear, no matter if it get’s new haire and teeth! And there are still a few missing!!!

    Anywho, Kim, I like you and would love to befriend you. I know personally what it’s like to trust all the wrong people. I could really show you how to “work” them little girls!

    Ms. Moni

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