Sheree talks to Essence again…


ESSENCE.COM: You weren’t lying about the new season being full of drama. Was your family shocked by the confrontation?
SHEREE WHITFIELD: They saw how that guy was enraged and how when he started talking about my mom I hit my limit. My mom called me saying, “Who’s gon’ check me, boo?!” and we all laugh about it. My kids love the show and my oldest daughter’s boyfriend is now saying the phrase, too. When I think back on it, the party planner knew I wasn’t going to continue on with him and wanted to make sure he secured a place on the show for his 15 minutes of fame. He even went on to try to have my independence party without me. I heard he was announcing, “Sheree will be here in 15 minutes” or “she’s right outside.”

ESSENCE.COM: Last week, you and Kim went at it about her being two-faced. Why’d you confront her?
WHITFIELD: It wasn’t about me that day. We were all suppose to get together. I learned how she is and how she will go to all of us and talk about the other, as if we don’t talk and share information. Who knew it would go that far? I knew she wouldn’t admit to it, and of course she hasn’t fessed up. You learn people and deal with them accordingly.

ESSENCE.COM: We saw your ex-husband Bob on the first season. How are things between you two since the settlement?
WHITFIELD: There is no Bob this season. He is supposed to take the kids every other weekend courtesy of the judge. Sometimes I get the call the day before that he can’t make it and I don’t want the kids to be hurt by that. The other problem is that he will leave them with his mom. He knows he hasn’t done what he should and what he can do. I talked to him recently and he says he wants to do better. They are great kids and I want them to see their father.

ESSENCE.COM: That’s understandable. Earlier this year you mentioned that you might write an autobiography. What’s one of the craziest experiences you had as an NFL wife?
WHITFIELD: Well, a lot of things have happened in my life, including getting involved with an athlete. The craziest thing was just that the women have no shame. They will come into your home, eat dinner with you and your family knowing that they are sleeping with your husband. Nothing surprises me anymore, not even on this show.

ESSENCE.COM: Whoa! And what’s the latest on your relationship with the ATL housewives and the cast members of the other cities?
WHITFIELD: Well, I’m not really friends with anyone from Atlanta. Nene and I have a history, and we had never got into an argument until this show and it just escalated. Now we are cordial. Bethenny from “The Real Housewives of New York” called Andy Cohen’s show about me. She can be kind of cruel and was on my side with the party planner situation, which I appreciated. I spend time with Gretchen and Lynn from “The Real Housewives of Orange County” when I am in Los Angeles. I haven’t met any of the Jersey girls, but that should be interesting. They should put all of us in a house and let the drama begin.


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