Terrell Owens Opens Up with Essence

Cowboys Terrell Owens Football

ESSENCE.COM: Speaking of women, a lot of sisters believe you don’t have an interest in Black women. Is that the case?
Not at all. Black women I do love you. Honestly, if I were to reveal the Black females I’ve dated, the women who are accusing me of that would be surprised. I’ve had a lot of Black women hit me up on Twitter accusing me of not liking my own kind and all I have to say is that they are thinking too much. These women don’t know me like that to have something negative to say about the women I date. Perhaps I have a certain type of woman that I like and a preference and I shouldn’t be faulted for that. And for the record, I’m very familiar with headscarves because my grandmother wore them. I was just saying to Kiya that the women I date don’t wear them because it’s the truth. If I’m dating a Black woman and we hang out it doesn’t mean she’s sleeping over, so I might never see her in a headscarf. Again, I think some women are thinking too much about this because I love Black women.

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