Sheree and Kim blog on last week’s Housewives of ATL episode

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“Funny how Nene likes to throw jabs even after us meeting up. “Blame it on the alcohol?” I’ve known Nene for a while. We were never that close for me to share any type of secret or sensitive info with her because I already knew how she couldn’t hold water. So keep fishing, darling.

The Kim-tervention was something I’m not proud of….she sooo wasn’t worth it! I knew going in that Kim wouldn’t admit to any of the lies she was telling either to me, Nene or Lisa, but did it really matter? Kim had been calling each of us separately and telling a ton of lies on the other. What really mattered to me were the lies she began to tell about me (most of which were not shown), her screaming lies at me in the restaurant and her jumping up yelling and pointing her finger in my face. Enough was enough! At this point it had nothing to do with Nene, Gregg or anyone else. It was the random lies she began to say about me, trying to defame my character. One of the lies she told Nene and that was shown was that I was writing bad checks to Neimans. Kim claimed her shoe guy at Neiman Marcus told her that I had been bouncing checks there! Are you kidding me! If I bounced a check at Neimans, do you think they would continue to take my checks??? That’s one of the few places I frequent here. Obviously, she has a problem and knows that I know – why did I even bother.

Til next time… “I do my best at being me.”

XOXO, Sheree’ Twitter/ IamSheree


When I sat at FAB with both Sheree and Nene, I felt attacked because so much was being said that “I” said, when I haven’t even spoken to Sheree since last year. I will say it again, Nene’s hubby Gregg is FANTASTIC, level headed and genuine. I have NEVER nor would I ever talk badly about Gregg. Nice try Sheree.

I wish I had NEVER made the comment about my daughters at the table, but as I’m sure you noticed when it gets HEATED I am subject to say anything! What I said wasn’t cool and I will never say anything like that again. I was just trying to make the point that I was willing to put the most important people in my life on the line to prove that I was telling the TRUTH – I wanted Nene to understand the intensity of my honesty.

I saw that Lisa talked about me on the show…again. Who even cares about Lisa anyway? Every time she comes on I fast forward. B-O-R-I-N-G. Has she started another business? LOL!

Until next time!



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