Housewives of ATL Season 2 episode 1

Picture 13

Wow…. I thought the show started off a little slow but BAM!!!! Sheree and the party planner’s argument was crazy!!!!  How he called here a broke down Biatch! and said that she was burned in the industry.” was hilarious!!!!!  Not too sure how I feel about Khandi being on the show yet but I will say that it kind of sucks that her and Nene will have a falling out….. smh…  Hey what was up with Niecey Nash trying to stir up drama with Lisa lmao…


3 thoughts on “Housewives of ATL Season 2 episode 1

  1. hahahah it was too funny to see…How Sheree, Lisa and NeNe could have a pow wow and the only thing that they could bring up was KIM…Sheree is two faced and NeNe, you are too old for the drama, lisa, needs to concentrate on her own life and let Kim be..

  2. that bang with sheree and the party planner was off the hook. If she was really hood one of those chairs would have been upside his head, and then i would have called my peoples to beat his ass because he was a man and should not have been in her face like that.

  3. I think that party planner needs help. To think that he treated her like that just blew me away. He should have been fired on thhe spot. He may been a party planner but a MAN HE IS NOT!

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