Lauren London Pregnant First Picture

lauren-preggo got the first pic of Lauren London preggers.  She looks cute 🙂


8 thoughts on “Lauren London Pregnant First Picture

  1. I’m sorry, but she was really dumb for allowing her self to get preganat by him. Famous or NOT. I do not share my man and obviously she does because Nieva is also pregnant too. What happen to males and females being in meaningful relationship? What happen to marriage then children? Now he has FOUR baby momma’s he was must be proud of himself and I HOPE he continues to make HIT records.

  2. She is soooo cute! although the choice of allowing herself to get pregnant by Wayne was stupid,..the smartest thing she could of did is keep this blessing from God. Good Luck Girl!

  3. listen this is for all the haters if this was you you would be happy just like lauren is so get tou a rapper or a singer and keep it fucking moving.

  4. toya got a reality show about she gonna be with wayne first of all they got a cute daughter together he married her when they was young as hell she still want him but he dont want her she ghetto as hell on that show tiny and toya and always talking about her crack head ass mom lauren girl she hating on you cuz you pretty,yah grill aint fucked,and im glad you pregnant by wayne so toya need to get a life and kick rocks and what ever comes next…DIE

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