The Real Housewives of New Jersey


Just watched the reunion special and I am sorry Caroline is a big BULLY!  I think she takes the Soprano mentality to another level.  Teresa’s lack of vocabulary led her to express herself physically.  She tried to clean up a couple of comments she made but it didn’t go over to well like when her husband made the gay comment.  Jacqueline reminds me of Deshawn from Housewives of Atlanta but she has a little more spunk.  Obviously she is not going to go to far against Caroline but kudos to her for standing up for what was right. Dina is as phony as can be and won’t talk too much unless she gets a nod from Caroline.

Season 1 Episode 7 part 1

Season 1 Episode 7 part 2


19 thoughts on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey

  1. I have got to say that Caroline has alot of nerve to condem Danielle about her past but then to go on and say that her family was not connected to the mob is a total joke

  2. I am so glad I ran across this blog because I thought, “Am I the only one who cannot stand these sisters and their friends”. The only one who had any real decency was Danielle and that is like saying the rattlesnake bite is better the the cobras. Caroline is soooooo ugly two-faced that she couldn’t see the forest through the trees. All I can say for Teresa is…”wake up stupid before you completely destroy your childrens lives”.

  3. I like to watch these Jersey mob women make fools of themselves. It’s entertaining, But I think they have a lot of nerve disliking Danielle when they have so many skeletons in their own closet. Any way who spends cash like they do unless their into something illegal.

  4. Personally, after reading about how the father was found in the trunk of his car with either 3 or 4 bullitts in his body back in about 1984…someone’s NOT telling the truth about the Manzo family!

  5. Do some research on tiny and you will find that he had some connections. Was he Tony! As much as you might not like the sisters, we can all agree that they are not dumb. If they truly had fresh connections to the mafia, would they have auditioned for this show?? Keep in mind that we have no control over what our parents and granparents chose to do. The reception hall that they own was left by Mr. Manzon. Why would they be ashamed of that? It is what has made them wealthy. Mr. Manzon’s life insurance was never given to the family becaus he forgot to disclose he had diabetes.. so to say that people can not we wealthy without involvment to crime is just crap.

  6. I never said people could not be wealthy without being involved in crime. I specifically said people dont spend huge amounts of cash like that. If I had to spend a huge amount of money to furnish my house, I would either write a check or use a debit card. Or just sign for it . Who walks around with that kind of cash in their purse. Nobody I know, and I know a lot of very wealthy people. The people who spend huge amounts of cash usually do not want a paper trail,

  7. I have enjoyed the show so much! I think Theresa is a doll..she is not afraid to be herself and her children are lucky to have such a doting mom…Danielle seems to like to pick on Theresa because she is so sweet and an easy target, but she comes out swinging when pushed too far and Danielle has pushed..I think Jaqueline is great…but I hate that she had her lips done…she looked rather silly on the reunion..Dina is the sneaky sexy one and yes, a little snooty, but I think she is just a small town girl who lucked out with a rich man…probably not a very satisfying, loving marriage, but in time, I think she will find her groove…Caroline is a great gal…I understand her devotion to her family, she has much to be proud of..well mannered kids who adore her! Danielle is trying to fit in, it won’t happen obviously, but I think she has good intentions at times…she has probably been on the outside looking in her whole life. are delicious and juicy!! I love the way you love your wife!!!

  8. to Rosie,

    “They” did not spend huge amounts of cash – it was Thersesa who did – she is not part of the Manzo family. I believe that Theresa said on her blog that it was a deposit for the furniture – not nearly the entire amount that Bravo would love to have everyone believe.

  9. i love watching the show, i am not going to judge these women at all – it is not my job to, that is Gods job! i am saddened that the woman are targeting and judging danielle for something that happened over 20 years ago – c’mon ladies, we all have a past and some of it isn’t pretty! God bless these ladies for taking care of there kids the way they do – and the great husbands they have! thanks for reading this and God bless!!

  10. to the person who said jacqueline had her lips done!
    if you look at pregnant women thier lips for some reason get real plump..her lips were not thin to begin with,.but then again i could be wrong..i noticed that about alot of women who are pregnant.
    for some reason people think all itailans are mob connected..but the way that theresa was pulling out that money ,you are right..i thought the same thing,not incase she just wanted to show off..i do also thin caroline needs to let dina speak up for herself..and about danielle,we all have a past..i bet everyone of them do…you were who you were.and you are who you are..i just think danielle should not exspose her children to all of her male friends..your are your childrens teacher….

  11. I get a little sick of Caroline’s soap box speeches about her family. No one has to understand anything about her family because its just that, her family!! And guess what? Everybody has one! I really don’t mind Dina so much. I feel I understand her. She was definitely a target for Danielle, a bonifide hater. Jacqueline’s Honesty was refreshing. And Teresa was just plain weird. I had flash backs of the weird-looking pics of Jon Benet, when I saw that baby with all that ridiculous makeup on. Thank goodness the agent told her it wasn’t what they were looking for!

  12. I think they all need a lesson on what constitutes class. Jacqueline is the only one who has any self respect. Yes, Tiny Manzo was involved in organized crime, just check with the police. Just because Caroline has a big mouth doesn’t mean she’s telling the truth. Anyone who goes on reality shows and airs their dirty laundry deserves everything they get. Theresa needs a reality check and a dictionary. She has one filthy mouth, she needs to learn how to express her anger without cursing and getting violent. I too have a past I”m not very proud of, however the friends I have chosen to tell,had nothing but admiration and respect for me in overcoming my past. Now that is true friendship.

  13. I watched these women… I got tired of hearing about that F-ing book. One night I was watching it and my husband glanced at it and said “those women are ugly”. I thought Jacqueline was cute.

  14. er margie’s got the right idea. Now I probably would go farther than most of the people here in saying that it seems quite clear that the old guy, Albert “Tiny” Manzo was a mafia soldier who one way or another got on the wrong side of either his own boss or one of the other bosses and got wasted mafia-style. Shot four times in the chest, stripped naked with a plastic bag over his head and hog-tied and thrown in the trunk of a car? Um…no, it doesn’t sound like a mugging. As to Theresa, she’s one of the dumbest people I’ve ever watched on TV short of someone who is actually developmentally challenged. She must have been the most poorly-educated child or else she is just naturally stupid. Her husband is a thug. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he was connected. The construction business in New Jersey is notorious for being heavily infiltrated by the Mob. Caroline is a bully and a bloviator. Caroline, hey, we all have family, OK? We get it. You don’t get a medal for being family and for being tight with your relatives. OK? Get over yourself. You all signed on to this show so stop whining about how we should all regard you. We’ll make up our own minds, thank you. And Danielle, stop trying to look and act like you’re still 20, it’s supremely unattractive; and stop trying to suck up to Caroline and Dina. They hate you, go with that.

  15. I am in total agreement with EKW. It is not news that Tiny Manzo was connected to the mob, and was killed and put into the back of his car. Why Carolyn is so adamant about him not being connected, and thinking she can cover it up by saying he was just murdered , is a mystery to me. She must know that the whole world has computers, and can research anything. I also believe that Theresa is really stupid and has no real talent of her own , so she is trying to get her daughter into modeling. The fact that she thinks she is too clean to llive in a house that someone else has already lived in, makes me know that she is just plain foolish. Any house can be cleaned. I sell Real Estate in los Angeles,and most people are more than happy to to move into someone else’s house, especially the mansions. I truly believe her husban is involved in something illegal, because most husbands don’t just let you go absolutely crazy with their money that they worked hard for. Danielle needs to get over it. The past is the past, and every one has one, some just juicier than others. Move on girl.

  16. I agree with everything you said about the RHONJ.

    By the way, Dina lied on the reunion show when she said she didn’t spend a million dollars on her wedding. She and her husband Tommy Manzo were on VH1’s “My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding”, and the total cost was $1,150,000. I have a link to the full episode on my blog, if anyone wants to see it.

  17. Housewives of New Jersey is the best housewives show thus far. I love the characters! Soooo narcissistic. I guess you would have to be to sign up for this. The only truly good gal on the show is Jacqueline. I love her husband as well. The way he handled the big blow up at the restaurant was very classy. I can see why his sisters and wife love him so much. Danielle you need to get some morals, raise your kids by being a parent not a friend, This type of parenting will come back to bite you, but unfortunate it won’t be you that is hurt it will be your kids. I loved watching this show, I felt like such a great mom after, because everyone except Jacqueline made me look like a saint. Theresa is definitely a show mom, but that oldest daughter is destined to be famous. I would have thrown the table too, Danielle is clearly off. Dina she needs a HGTV show, wow she is so talented.

  18. Okay the only thing that I have to say to any comment is that if you are defending a crazy freak like Danielle you are just as bad. Come on people she is obviously crazy!

    The other women may have their own skeletons in their closets but they are normal people living their lives full of money and what does it matter to you how they got it or where they spend it.

    I just want to close this statement out with saying Danielle needs more then help she needs to be committed.

    Oh and PS Dina ROCKS!!!!

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