College Hill South Beach Finale


Wow!  Chris really tried to whup dat @ss (Brandon’s)!  Accidentally punched Tiffany in the nose and made it bleed lmao!  He has real anger issues.  Which is sad…. Milan is such a useless wanna be Diva they should have kept the girl they kicked off cause she is useless.  “Im Barbie your plastic.”  Kyle actually calmed down which is good until when he said ” I am about to be more insane than when I got to this MF.”  Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!  And the rest of the cast is booring.  Oh don’t know if this is true or not but supposedly Milan is dating NFL player Warren Sapp.

2 thoughts on “College Hill South Beach Finale

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  2. i think i like, totally may be steppin out of line here, but i’d like to know, if there is ANY WAY possible in the known universe, to get to chat, or make friends with one or a few cast members…. cuz i digz a few and i think i recognize a few as well, but aside from kyle and milan, i think i’d like to meet em all… so if y ou know anything about what they are doin or how we can contect them, as fans of the show, please let me know and hit my blog with a comment or something, if you cant see my email that is…. thank you

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