My client loves her husband, children

Tameka Foster Raymond has hired Randall M. Kessler, one of the city’s most tenacious family law attorneys. Kessler’s specialty: representing the wives and mothers of the rich, famous and often deadbeat. For years, Buzz has chronicled Kessler’s diligent work for clients as he’s shaken loose elusive child support payments out of the piggy banks of rapper/actor T.I., former boxing heavyweight champ Evander Holyfield, former Milwaukee Bucks forward Jason Caffey and former Atlanta Falcon Andre Rison.

So far, Usher’s reps have not issued any statements on the matter. And the singer was remaining silent Monday on both his Twitter pages and his official website,

“Every single case is different,” he explained. “Some of these cases get settled and some end up in court. I’ll say this: Kids always make everything more important.”

source: access Atlanta by Richard Eldredge


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