Summer Love


A summer love is the sweet taste of the forbidden
It’s the kind of love that has you addicted and afflicted,
Where passion isn’t an afterthought but the only thought.

A summer love has you feeling like his words are a melody,
And his voice a symphony carrying on a soft breeze.
In his arms is everywhere you’re afraid to be,
And exactly where you long to be

by Christina Wilson

. …. …


One thought on “Summer Love

  1. Real simple..New summer season leads to new friends, new energy, new love, new experiences, new summer songs, new goals and new memories to create. Who says winter should be the only season to be bunned up..I need someone to enjoy the nice summer activities with and someone to break a nice sweat with me when it gets too hot and steamy. You feel me? Someone to cool me off like a summer breeze. Nothing like this time of the year.

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