Suge Knight vs. Michel’le Toussaint


Who Knew????  This is an odd pairing….

According to the Wall Street Journal R&B singer Michel’le Toussaint is asking the bankruptcy official in charge of the Knight and Death Row bankruptcy estates to use the estates’ property to cover the $40,476 in court-ordered spousal and child support bills that have gone unpaid for the past three months. She also wants to ensure that, going forward, she receives $13,492 in child support each month.

Toussaint, who in April 1997 “agreed to marry Knight while he was serving a prison sentence for assault and battery,” is seeking support for “Child X,” whom she had with Knight in 2002. Toussaint says she’s heading to bankruptcy court since Knight isn’t believed to be earning any income to make the payments.

As for the $10,129 in spousal support she’s seeking, Toussaint (who says she once dated former Death Row-artist Dr. Dre) said Knight broke his promise to her to make these payments. Not only that – “Mr. Knight’s activities as husband has caused Toussaint to be embroiled in significant legal disputes,” she said.

The bankruptcy court is slated to consider the matter within the next several weeks. suge-knight

Dr. Dre and Michel’le did make some nice music together. Michel’le signed to Eazy-E’s Ruthless Records in the late 80’s and her and Dre got things up  in time to produce her self-titled debut album in 1989. The song featured the hit singles “No More Lies”, the upbeat “Nicety”, and the classic, hard hitting ballad “Something In My Heart” .

source:  wsj


One thought on “Suge Knight vs. Michel’le Toussaint

  1. WOW…I hope she get him good!! If her child support from Suge is 10k…wonder how much Dre giving her??!!

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