Lauren London Is Really Pregnant *side eye*


“Yesterday a rumor broke stating that everyone’s favorite video vixen turned actress, Lauren London is pregnant by Lil Wayne. Well my sources are telling me that the pregnancy rumors are indeed true, but she’s not 5 months but 6 months pregnant. She’s also extremely pissed that the news broke. So pissed that she has been calling people and telling them off all day long. One of those phone calls was to my source who tells me that she did indeed confirm that she has a bun in the oven. I actually have a lot more information on this matter, but my sources are my friends. So that is all I can say. I tried to @mslaurenlondon on twitter but she didn’t reply.”

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19 thoughts on “Lauren London Is Really Pregnant *side eye*

  1. wtf is going on with the industry these days? lauren london had a promising career appearing in shows such as 90210…. If this rumor is true she’s ruining her rep and her career, because lil wane is known for sleeping around and making babies…he is supposedly engaged to singer nivea… personally i think he is a DISCUSTING human being, and should have his weener cut off….

  2. Everone needs to mind there own business.Because there human just like us.Regardless of being a celebrity or not.And i would have been pissed off to.If my business had been.Without me putting it out there myself.And last but not lest.Everyone keeps saying that lil wayne is rich,like that gives him the right to have to woman pregnant at the same time.Regardless of how much money you have.Because he can be rich.And have al the money in the world.But that doesnt make a woman happy.But what does,is the way the man treats her and how he represents they’re privacy,out in public.

  3. Laurn is my girl she is bee-you-tea-full and lil wayne is dat dude he got/gets money so all haters step off! But she did wat she did so thats wateva but, lil wayne do be sleepn with alot of girls but he can haha. But its koo because imma be god mom1

  4. omg wat is goin onnn wit yall people startin rumors all the time foreal
    yall cant never mind ur buisness
    and how can lauren be pregnet by lil wayne wen he has a wifee
    thats not only his wife but his baby moma
    n he was on bet awards yesterday wit his daughter nd his wifeee
    dont chu think he would of came with lauren instead of his wifee or somthingggg
    and if its true oh well
    ooh and lauren dont be mad cuz da rumor went onnn
    lett people ceep hatinnnn sh**

  5. OMG!!!!!!! i have never been so sad over a girl but shes is a woman and i love lauren london the first time i seen her in ATL i dreamed of marring her when i get older , i still love her as a actress and lil wanye i got nothing but love for him no homo.

  6. Well I Have Heard She Is Pregnant By Lil Wayne And Now JackieLong.. Dang Lauren Didnt YOur Mom Teach How To Be A Lady And Not A Hoe?? You Opened YOur Legs Up For Lil Wayne Come On Girl He Is A Hoe He Has Nivea Pregnant To Dang I Never Thought I Would Say This But YOu Seem Like A BIG Hoe..


  8. Blanka…Mere13….nd all u other bitches that ru tlkin shit about my man..,.
    OK…thiknk about it..all thous hoes who r gettin fucked by lil wayne..y ru onlysayin shit about himm..shes also a lil bitch 4 opening her legs to himin the first place..
    its not his fault..he wants sex..but it also hers 4 fuckin him in the first there fore..leave lil wyane alone…cuz his just as inocent as she is..iight
    nd also..lil wyane isnt married right now ok…
    so ye..dont just ride on him..ride on the bitch too

  9. hoes like Cookie need to FCKIN’ GET IT. You never met him, he never met you, he don’t know, so he don’t love you. L.L is sooooo pretty. Congrats on her new baby. Wish her and nivea all the best. Why LW continues to get girls preggo. such a lover boy. LOL. He sooooooo right about wanting to FCK every girl in the world. Plus, why aren’t practicing safe sex.

  10. Lauren dont worry about his childish ass if he wants that trick nivea he can have the two hit wonder and yes i said it. im in the same situation so say fuck these prime time bitches. You and Wayne know what it was when it was so dont pay no mind to these immature hoes. If he can do you and his ex wife the way he did, what makes the two hit wonder think she’s not next. Dont look at it as being just his baby mama. Look at it as your the best thing that ever happen to his sorry ass!!!!

  11. Lauren i know how you feel because im in the same situation. Try to be positive about it, and say fuck the situation. You going to be a wonderful mother, so stand your ground. Don’t let this negative shit get to you. Your beautiful, an amazing actress and any man dumb enough not to keep you is a fool indeed. Your blessed with one of the greatest gifts from himself, and he has more to come for you.

  12. she is fuckin’ stupid,,lil wayne is not gone settle down for her a lot of young giirls looked up to her after”new new” but shiit to thee hell with her now she’s dumb

  13. she is hella stupid,,lil wayne is not gone settle down for her a lot of young giirls looked up to her after”new new” but shiit to thee hell with her now she’s dumb..
    she aint nothin no more


  14. First, Y wud she think that no one would find out the news??? did she forget that she is a celebrity? N E ways L.L had a lot of good things going for her but now she has the image of a “hoe” because: 1. she slept w/ lil wayne. 2. she slept w/ lil wayne while he had another girl pregnant… so he played both of them. Second, lil Wayne should know that if he is going to cheat on his fiance… or wateva Nivea is to him… he should wear a condom. Last, I know that Lauren London can/could find a wealthy, NICE LOOKING, and SINGLE man w/ no baby mamma drama!!!!!! But we are all just on the outside looking in.

    THE BABY WILL BE CUTE (if it takes after lauren london)

  15. rumors were also spread that nivea is pregnet by lilwayne too
    tha f**ked up 2 sxc girls damn
    lucky rapper

  16. This bothers me.Of all the men she could have she choose wayne???? why lauren?She is one of the most beautiful women in the world!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Lauren is my girl. she can get any guy in this whole entire world, but she chose the ugliest guy. she coulda got an abortion! and yea she is a celeb ppl are gonna eventually find out!!
    im hoping, wwishing and prayin it look like her!!

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