Sources Talk!!!

Egypt says so got the run down on the Kelis Nas situation

This comes as a shock considering Nas and Kelis are preparing for the arrival of their first child together. Kelis is currently seven months pregnant with a son. She’s asking for spousal support and child support. She is also asking for joint legal and physical custody of their unborn child.

The two originally met 7 years ago, in 2002 at a Diddy party, and married on January 8th 2005 in ATL.

Apparently they have been on ice for a minute. I am told they were living separately fairly recently (reports are now saying 2 weeks) but I didn’t believe it because of the baby. Sources close to Nas’ camp say that the sex tape of Kelis and another man is the catalyst that caused the couple to spiral downward. Nas is said to have been publicly humiliated by the tape although Kelis assured him it wasn’t during their marriage. Both camps say he hasn’t been able to move past the incident and has been distant and cruel to Kelis ever since.

“The baby was Kelis’ desperate attempt to win back Nas’ affection and keep her marriage intact.” My source revealed that Kelis and Nas fight all the time about her suspicions of him cheating, “I don’t think he boned another girl, but he mind as well as much as she hounds him. …that’s her guilt.” I am also told that “She still loves him and would probably go back if he showed that he cared but Nas has been very nonchalant about it all. He has a chip on his shoulder and she doesn’t think he tried hard enough to keep their marriage together. But I don’t know if I can blame him…it ain’t easy to forget.

I hope this is not true…


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