Reality Season Finale Rundown


Media take out was right  Myammee did win “I love money 2!”  And “IT” is really that simple minded.  LOL!

Show summary: The shores of Huatulco, Mexico are about to be crashed again, as 19 not-so lucky-in-love cast members from Flavor of Love, Rock Of Love, I Love New York, and now Real Chance of Love, battle it out for a chance to win $250,000. Two captains will emerge after a quick dip in the mud, and the strategics will begin all over again. New alliances will form, while old rivalries will be rekindled. But a melt down of monumental proportions occurs when one person is not chosen to be on either team.


New York goes to work was crazy.  Especially the crawl space scene with the dead rat.

Show summary: Tiffany “New York” Pollard returns to VH1 and this time she’s ready to…work? Tiffany is gearing up to tackle America’s working world in New York Goes to Work. Each week America will choose from a list of three possible job opportunities and vote via their mobile phones by texting which job they would like to see Tiffany try. Will she be a Cal Trans sewer worker, a mortuary beautician, or a fast food employee? It will be up to you. And don’t think it will be easy for Tiffany. She’ll be worked, in all aspects of the job! Why again is she doing this? For the money of course. If she can impress her new employers, she’ll receive a $10,000 bonus each week. But, if she quits, fails, or gets fired, she’ll get absolutely nothing.


Gotti’s way annoyed me.  Come on Deb in how many different ways can he tell you that he cannot be faithful to you???

Show summary: In season 2 viewers will watch as Irv stresses out over the condition of the Hip Hop industry, while trying to salvage what’s left of Murder Inc. Estranged wife Deb decides to take time out for herself, leading toward a more independent lifestyle. This season is all about “breaking the cycle”—the family is shifting their focus on all ends of the spectrum, privately and professionally.


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