25 Hottest Urban Legends

25 Hottest Urban Legends from Snopes.com

    Darrell Scott Testimony

  1. Darrell Scott’s statement given before a House subcommittee on crime.
  2. Mars Spectacular

  3. The planet Mars will make a remarkably close approach to Earth in August 2009.
  4. Plastic Water Bottles

  5. Warning about dangers associated with the reuse of plastic water bottles.
  6. New Dollar Coin and ‘In God We Trust’

  7. E-mail claims the design of new U.S. dollar coins omits the motto “In God We Trust.”
  8. Hacker Warning

  9. E-warning cautions against opening messages from Christoper Butterfield or Simon Ashton.
  10. Asparagus vs. Cancer

  11. Article claims asparagus has miraculous cancer-fighting properties.
  12. Corpus Christi

  13. Petition protests an upcoming film that will portray Jesus as gay.
  14. Juval Aviv

  15. Item describes Juval Aviv’s predictions for upcoming terrorist attacks on the U.S.
  16. Obama Youth Brigade

  17. Message details requirements of the Serve America Act.
  18. Code Grabbers

  19. Warning about thieves armed with “code grabbers” breaking into cars by recording signals sent from remote keyless entry devices.
  20. #-9-0 Phone Scam

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