Mary Mary – God In Me (Web Version)

I love this song. Just trying to figure out what a fashion show with celebs has to do with the song. smh…. Anywhoooo congrats Tina on your 4th child. Tina reveals to Jet Mag “I have a 12-and-a-half week child growing in my belly right now,” she laughed. “By the time this story comes out, I should be 14 weeks.” This issue of Jet Magazine hits stands on May 4th


One thought on “Mary Mary – God In Me (Web Version)

  1. 1)I too like the song. Every 1 is attributing the vocader/echo affect to tpain but MaryMary used back on on “Shackles” in 99/00.

    2)Alllllooot of ppl dont like this vid. That is y MM made 3 versions. Perhaps the gospel version will suit you better.

    3) This is Tina’s 3rd kid /THIRD pregnancy. Tina is growing her 3rd kid. Tina has 2 daughters : Laiah [9Sept3] & Meela [11Jun7]. I read on YT [ ] that her husband has a daughter 14 y o daugh named either Cierra or Angel. But Ted/Trecina have said so so it cant be taken as fact.

    I’m doubting that Ted has a midteen age daughter since
    1) Ted Campbell is just over 30, so if he has a 14yr old daughter he was teen father. …. Unless Ted is lying about his age.

    2) Ted grew up in the church so I’d think he have the religious foundation & conviction 2 not be having premarital & teenage sex..but who knows?

    ….However is the vid Tina herself w her own mouth says ‘3 dau’ [2:59 mark, ] so she is claiming her husb’s daugh as her own. I just would be really surprised if Teds daugh is as old as posters say.

    Tina (& husband Warryn) has 1 daug, Krista [13Sep4].

    PS: Erica turned 37 on 29Ap & Tina turned 35 yesterday 1May. I wonder if Erica will have anymore kids? The Atkins girls r 2 of 8 kids so there will be many many grandkids. Their parents has kids in each of the decades: 50, 60, 70, & 80s…lawd a mercy !

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