Examine Your Relationships


I am so loving this right now. I came across this from another blog Mocha Beauti

The people that you choose to interact with on a regularly basis really make a significant impact on you, whether you realize it or not. Your current relationships speak volumes about you and where you’re heading in life. Continuous conflict, confusion, and drama are counter-productive to your progress and growth. So if you feel you have a bunch of two-faced, back-stabbing girlfriends, who are constantly hating (please don’t get constructive criticism confused with hating) & a bunch of trifling, good for nothing dudes -you really need to examine yourself, because in some cases you attract who you are (so, check yourself).

Stop trying to save damaged, strained relationships that really serve you nothing and just add stress to your life. Recognize when relationships need to be severed or downgraded. Subscribe to the good old-fashion three strikes and you’re out rule. Think about it, are you really going to give someone more than three chances to sh*t on you.

Anywayyyyyyys Have a wonderful weekend 🙂 Peace!


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