Chris’ version of the Brandon mushing


‘What I look like being jealous….?’

The slavery museum was very thought provoking. It’s crazy when you sit back and think about how far we as African Americans have come. I’ve studied a lot about slavery, growing up so close to Mount Vernon plantations, but seeing and hearing the things that we did put things in perspective. People lost their lives being brought to America. I was born here. What am I going to do with the opportunity?

Key West was cool, but I’m ready to get back home….. Well, at least I thought I was… This house is a mess and I’m tired of cleaning up after people. I’m the only one who cooks consistently in this house, yet they can at least do their own dishes. That is BS!!!!

Question, why the hell does king Brandon think he doesn’t have to clean? Beats the hell out of me? Next, where are you allowed to call another man a B*t*h and there are no repercussions? I have idea, but nobody does that where we grew up. Furthermore, after another man puts his hands on your face, who responds back, “you’re just jealous?” THAT’S WEAK! Lastly, what I look like being jealous of a dude who:

1) falls in love in one night the with weakest chick in the house

2) never has played college ball yet is going to the league, sidebar, did you every make varsity?

3) gets out drunk by a girl, and throws up all over himself, Allison sure did hold her own that night

4) is still in undergrad, usually that’s not a bad thing, except you’re 24…


Wowwwwww!  I thought it was a real B!atch move for Chris to mush Brandon in the head like that and when Brandon said Chris was jealous of him that is when Chris wants to fight him.  LMAO.  So sad and then you have Kyle trying to hold Chris back ( did anyone see kyle grinding on chris while pretending to hold him back?).  But check it…. If Tiffany is Chris’ piece why was she holding Brandon back????  LameOOOOO!  Sorry I am for team Brandon!



5 thoughts on “Chris’ version of the Brandon mushing

  1. I knew Chris was gay,I knew he was suspect,he is the only guy I know that will let a disease infested dirty @ss fa**ot treat girls they way Kyle does,and not stand up for them,that **** is gay all day long.

  2. You hit the nail on its head..Jamari, I think Chris is gay, too. And I hate the fact he never closes his mouth and he walks just like Kyle to me…Also, am I the only who doesn’t think Brandon is good looking?

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