Obama’s First 100 Days Report Card: HuffPost Bloggers Give Their Grades

Arianna Huffington: Obama’s First 100 Days: The Good, The Bad, and the Geithner:

In his appointments at almost every agency, Obama has demonstrated a desire to receive a wide range of opinion. But at Treasury, the range of opinion goes all the way from Goldman to Sachs.

Madeleine Albright: One Hundred Days:

The first one hundred days in a presidency are roughly comparable to the first one hundred yards in a mile race. Our president may not have won anything yet, but he is off to a reassuring start.

Gary Hart: Obama’s First 100 Days and the Politics of Transformation:

Crises are too important to waste and the Obama administration is using the many crises it inherited not to go backward but to launch into the new century — finally.

Robert Creamer: The First 100 Days – How Obama Scores on the Nine Qualities of Leadership:

In his first 100 days, Barack Obama has consistently scored very highly on each of the nine qualities that voters use to evaluate leaders.

Lincoln Mitchell: The First 100 Days: A Whole that is Greater than its Parts:

Not only have Obama’s first 100 days been by far the best of any president of my lifetime, but they began not a day too soon. Ultimately, what stops Obama from getting an A is his approach to addressing finance and banking issues,

Mike Lux: Obama Rolling:

While I have some serious concerns, I think Obama deserves big credit both for being bold on many important issues and in establishing confidence in himself as a strong leader.

Robert Kuttner: Obama’s First 100 Days: What’s a Presidency For?:

Obama has repeatedly declared that he would govern as a consensus builder. He wasn’t lying. However, there are two ways of achieving consensus.

Jeffrey Feldman: The American Dream and Obama’s First 100 Days:

How each of us feels, lately, as we mull over our progress towards the American dream, is one of the best measures of Obama’s job performance that I know, and it is one worth discussing at length instead of resting on the laurels of this or that poll of approval ratings.

Andy Ostroy: What Obama’s Done for America’s Confidence:

Obama’s critics can bark as loudly as they wish and continue playing the partisan rhetoric game, but the simple truth is that his first 100 days have achieved major progress.


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