The Game Spoilers….


I looked at spoilers and it pretty much answered my questions about the preview for “Put a ring on it.” … i’m gonna invisible text the spoilers so highlight my post if you want to read them
~Spoilers start here~
May 1, 2009 Put a Ring on It – Kelly is forced to come to terms with Jason’s new girlfriend Camille. Meanwhile, Tasha and Kelly are planning an engagement party for Mel and Derwin.
May 8, 2009 The Fall of the Roman – While shopping with Tasha, Mel finds her perfect wedding dress. Meanwhile, Jason’s relationship evolves to the next level, he wants Camille to meet his daughter.
May 15, 2009 I Want It All and I Want It Now – Melanie decides she wants to get married to Derwin before Janay’s baby is born.And end here……

A couple of questions though?????

  • what happened with Malik and Robin
  • how is Mel’s career doing
  • who told Derwin about mchottie
  • what happened with Mel and Mchottie
  • how is Derwin’s leg doing
  • will Tasha and Rick get back together
  • where is Brit Brat staying cause i haven’t seen her with Kelly or Jason

Apparently the Game in reruns on BET is doing very well, better than what was expected according to Debra Lee, a top exec at BET and if the CW doesn’t pick up The Game next season BET will and they are in preliminary talks about it. HOORAY!!!


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