Danger! She smashed the homies!!!! LOL…. Anyways someone made me watch the reunion show for the Love of Ray J last night. I must say I was actually quite surprised. It was decent. No fights or any shoes thrown. He actually schooled one girl on why it was wrong for her to come on the show knowing she was married despite the fact that her husband knew.. But the shockers were the following…

1. Danger said she thought she was preggers with Ray’s baby

2. Unique got called out for being Bisexual

When Lala asked what was up with the rumors she reply ” I thought I was at one point and thought it was Ray J’s but she is not pregnant and she retracted her story once it hit the web”.

What I could have done without….

1. Cocktail (Kim Kardashian wanna be) making out with Ray as if she had something to prove

2. “Chicago Larry’s” appearance


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