Jayson Williams Hospitalized


Police officers had to Taser, handcuff and send former New Jersey Nets player Jayson Williams to a hospital for psychological evaluation.

Police were called to Williams’ hotel room in lower Manhattan’s Battery Park City around 4 a.m. when a female friend reported the former NBA player was acting suicidal. Police said Williams appeared drunk, agitated, and there were empty bottles of prescription drugs and several suicide notes scattered around the suite.

According to TMZ, Williams’ attorney, Joe Hayden, says he “has no knowledge of a suicide attempt” and that Williams has not been arrested and is at St. Vincent’s Hospital for a “medical condition”. He will be staying overnight for observation.

Williams was convicted in 2004 of trying to cover up the shooting death of his hired driver Costas “Gus” Christofi at his mansion in Alexandria Township, New Jersey, in February 2002. He was acquitted of aggravated manslaughter, but the jury deadlocked on a reckless manslaughter count. A retrial is pending and he has been free on bail since the shooting.

His wife filed divorce papers this year claiming he was abusive, adulterous and had a drug problem. The blockbuster divorce includes allegations that Williams threatened to kill her, faked committing suicide, falsely said that he had stomach cancer and urinated in the kitchen sink. His wife also allegedly found cocaine and condoms in his drawer, sources familiar with the case said.

Tanya Williams, who is african american, also claims in the court papers that he cruelly bragged to her that he performed oral sex “on white girls.”

He definitely needs help..The suicide rates are on the rise in black males… I know he has been dealing with a slue of events over the years but he can’t let that be the end-all be-all, there are definitely other outlets.. Readers please pray for this brother..


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