Dont forget to watch College Hill South Beach tonight


Recap from last week: Kay, the new girl, is still feeling like an outsider, and that’s because she’s being treated like one. Allison is the only person who reaches out to the new girl and defends her when Kyle continues his verbal attacks. However, it’s Kyle that ends up in tears when Allison fights back and says “go hang out with your dopehead daddy.” Strangely, the other five house mates defend Kyle’s assault on Kay, and think nothing of his days-long attack on her.

Best Moment: Allison strikes back. After what seems like weeks of hearing Kyle spew hatred at the new girl for no reason, Allison takes up for her. She lashes back, and Kyle has to retreat when Allison hits a raw nerve.

Most Memorable Quote: “I don’t like her because (1) I don’t like her, (2) I don’t like her and (3) I don’t like her. So, therefore, it is what it is.” Kyle attempts to explain why he doesn’t like Kay.

Predictions: Kyle’s remorse is only temporary, and he will be back to his evil ways in no time

Question????? Is chris gay???????


One thought on “Dont forget to watch College Hill South Beach tonight

  1. Kyle is so immature, and he needs to really grow up. Him getting mad all the time throwing tantrums on national television only makes hisself look like a total a**. Everyone acts like they scared of him especially Chris his main side kick and feeds off whatever kyle says and does. Really is they together behind closed doors or what? there is no getting along with kyle, he needs to really figure hisself out for real because its not cute for him to act like that, its just simply childish.

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