The Top 5 Signs He’s Not Into You


The Top 5 Signs He’s Not Into You

1) You Hardly Ever Spend Time Together:
This one is the number one way to figure it out, but some women just continue to suffer. You’re obviously into him. That’s why you want to spend all this time with him. If he were as into you, you would be seeing eye-to-eye. If you’re having a hard time getting with him, let it go and find someone who wants to see you as much as you want to see them.

2) Phone Tag:
If you’re constantly calling him but can’t ever seem to catch him at a good time, then it probably means he’s not all that interested in talking to you. It’s even worse if he promises to call at a certain time and doesn’t, only to have you call him and be met with his voicemail box. He should be making time to speak with you.

3) He’s Mum on the Details:
You don’t have to know how many people he did the two-toed crab dangle with, but you should be learning new things about him. These shouldn’t be trite things either. If you’re still stuck on what his favorite color is, then you might want to know why.

4) He Indiscreetly Looks at Other Women:
We all know men and women are going to look at something appealing. With that said, if he’s ogling every semi-attractive woman that crosses his path, and ignores you, he is keeping his options open. You don’t have to accept your man looking at anyone else. If he’s really into you, he would never disrespect you.

5) He’s Not Interested In Pleasing You:
Give him the benefit of the doubt. Talk to him first and find out why you’re not getting yours, while he demand that he get his. If it doesn’t get resolved, it’s time to ditch his selfish behind.



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