CASSIE’S NEW HAIRSTYLE SMH!!! Hold on I smell a break down a la Britney coming….. What did Mr. Diddy himself have to say about it? Well according to his twitter response – “I LOVE IT. DARE TO BE DIFFERENT”.



  1. i think its different in a cool way but i never thought of this as her style, this is more 4 the punk rocker.. but hey, mayb she wants to pose a diff image… all i want to kno is what happens when she gets tired of this ONE style, cz i mean, there’s nt much u can do wit it!

    AnnaBanna (kingston Ja)

  2. I think this hairstyle is absolutely HORRIBLE, but then again it’s not my head. my opinion is that it would look better if she just shaved it all off. As to what Diddy said, what is he suppose to say, “What the hell was she thinking shaving her hair like that!!”. Yeah, THAT would have gone well with the press.

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