Housewives of NJ Wasn’t Dina on Bridezilla?

Wasn’t Dina on Bridezilla????

Dina Manzo: Founder of the nonprofit Project Ladybug, which helps children with cancer, she’s also an interior designer, an event planner, mother and best friends with her sister Caroline. Her husband Tommy works with his brother (Caroline’s husband) at their family’s catering business.

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Speaking of which…

Bridezilla’s All New Season: Premieres Sunday, June 7 at 9p|8c

Bridezillas—you know them, you love them and they’re back…and more outrageous than ever. Keep checking back for a complete episode guide, bios, videos and more! But for now, watch your favorite moments from Season 5.

Update:  She was on ‘My fabulous Wedding’

“Dina and Tommy are planning one of the most expensive weddings New Jersey has ever seen. Since Tommy and his brother Al own a high-end banquet facility, they know the biz and have enough cash to get anything they want. Bottom line… there’s no budget for this grand affair. Dina, an interior decorator, is indulging plenty — to the tune of $50,000 for hand-blown glass butterflies and $10,000 for a Badgley Mischka couture gown. But as the planning progresses, she feels Tommy & Al are running the show. Making matters worse, Tommy won’t stop adding to their already massive 600 person guest list….even down to the last minute! With almost $500,000 in flowers flown in from around the world, over $70,000 in entertainment, thousand dollar bottles of wine, and a 7-foot cake Tommy and Dina’s day is one for the ages. In the end, the bill is staggering: over a million bucks.”


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31 thoughts on “Housewives of NJ Wasn’t Dina on Bridezilla?

  1. Thank You!! I knew I had seen her before but couldn’t place it. Yikes…why do we watch all this junk???

  2. Yes she was on one of those wedding shows…and He treated her like crap…they truly wasted alot of money on that wedding and low and behold it ended up in divorce. This is what America has come to people who are rich waste money…they will stand before God for it all!

  3. They are not divorced, they are still married. He is Caroline’s husbands brother. He chose to not be on the show, and they supposedly only see each other rarely because he “travels.” He cheated on her for the first year that they dated with another girlfriend though, what a catch. “Forgetaboudit!!!”

  4. hi dina,,,,,,,,why would you stay with a guy that has cheated on you, and treats you disrespectfully? is it the money? if so you will regret it in the long run,hopefully you make enough on the show to support yourself and your lovely daughter,,,,think what you’re teaching her? you’re her role model…….i guess your sister caroline is not “watching your back” do you just want to keep it in the family? dump the jerk,,,,,,

  5. Born & raised in Jersey, I know the Brownstone house & go to many engagements there, regularly. I live in the area all my life & can’t say much more on that level. I do know Tommy from a hand shake here & there, nice guy from my perspective. But I have a relative who’s spouse is cousins w/ someone, who is cousins w/ Tommy & know him truly. From what I heard, He is a real nut case & at times treats her like shit. But he also is super busy running this business that just pours money..I MEAN MONEY!

  6. Dina has been to my place of business promoting a fund raiser & she is friends w/ the owners as well as Tommy is. I saw her once up front & she is HOT. I would DO HER every way possible, because I don’t think Tommy is. This Dina walked right into money like you wouldn’t believe. Don’t know if she had money before hand, but she is definitely the “money leach”. She can be a great real bitch, especially more so since she carries the Manzo name now. Typical NJ, marry into money, flashy Italian Bitch. But I love you Dina.

    I mean come on. Both sisters married to both wealthy brothers? Ok! Like there is no system being worked here… There is definitely cheating going on here.. When you have money this is what happens, YOU DON’T CARE! Why should Tommy stick to one girl when he can have choice of more. Me personally, he is an idiot if he still is cheating cause if I had her, I’d make sure is getting taken care of in bed. But she is smart & sly.. why make waves. As far as I see her game, She’ll care less if he cheats, cause all that is keeping them together is the money.. She’ll let mistreatment pass many times as long as she’s getting her paycheck to be a trophy wife.

  7. last post should answer your question. But, isn’t it sick? That these women never know when to walk out on abuse. In this case its money keeping together. I know regular girls who get physically beat & they still love him. I am 30yrs old, a young guy w/ an old fashion gentleman’s soul. YOU RESPECT A WOMAN..

  8. The NJ Mob is obviously alive and well. Entrepreneurs….uh huh!!! Wow! And, they have the balls to be on TV. Talk about flaunting it.

  9. New Jersey Housewives is Bravo’s version of the Soprano’s. Remember “Tony” from the Soprano’s called himself an “entrepreneur”. Just like sweet Theresa’s husband, Joe. You know she’s kinda like “Carmella”. Sweet and taking care of her girls while her husband is probably hanging out at a place like the “Bada-Bing Club” with his fellow “entrepreneurs”. It even makes mention of the Columbia Cartel when one of the “wives”, Danielle, was alleged to be formerly associated with the Cartel and was a professional dancer (ex-stripper), and tells everyone during the first episode that she hopes the men she is seening doesn’t expect her to have sex for “nothing”. She’s uptight for money and they have to help her out. What does that sound like to you? Prostitution, maybe? Each new “housewives” show keeps getting better and better. What some women will do for money. These women make all the other housewives look like “Angels”…well, maybe not Gretchen from Orange County. She was just waiting for that poor hubby of hers to die. Out partying while he was home suffering. Shame!!! Anyway, what area is next? Bring on the “Tarts”.

  10. As a Jersey Girl Born and Raised I enjoy watching the Housewifes of NJ. Yes they are a bit over the top at times . but Caroline isjust great as are the other ladies ( except Danielle) .

    Jersey Girls are loud and proud.but above all Smart and you always know were you stand with a Jersey Girl.

    I can not wait to see next season.

    But please get rid of the tramp Danielle. Way to much Drama and low class antics. Those poor girls of hers need to go and live with daddy or if that is not possable then foster care. This women is no kind of proper Mom,

  11. Just Me you are just a bitch! Danielle may not be perfect but she at least admits where she stands in life, and is not trying to be who she is not. Plus i think she is really a good mother, you can tell by how her lovely girls behave. They are real angels, nothing like Caroline’s kids (that old and leaving still at home, without further ambitions in life other than taking it easy and leave at mom and dad expenses). Dina’s daugther with a nerdy look, but showing the same smart bitch attitude toward the easy life as momy Dina. And Teresa’s kid, don’t get me started, those little girls (yes beautiful), but they all are sluties on the make. Even Jacqueline’s daugther is off track, taking for granted all the money her mommy managed to marry into. The only reason why Danielle does not fit is because she doesn’t have the rich sugar daddy hubby, and they believe she does not fit in with their lyfestyle at this point. Had Danielle been married to a Donald Trump now I bet the rest would be all kissing her ass with no remorese.

  12. dina was on platium weddings…i wish they would show that episode again so i can see if all of her ‘family/ inlaws are there…i did not read all of the comments so someone may have already said which one she was on…one million dollars,,can you believe that……..

  13. Her wedding episode was just aired on either MTV/VH1 or Bravo with in the last 2 weeks because I watched it. And yes, the whole gang was there- Teresa and Joe, Jaqueline and Chris, Caroline (she had a mullet!!) and all the kids. I recognized everyone.

  14. “Diane” – Now why would someone say something so mean about another person like calling them “trash”. Perhaps, you are not well educated…in life (personal and/or professionally); you should really try looking at your life prior to judging someone else’s life. Perhaps, you should try looking at the hand that used to point the finger…Diane, how many fingers are pointing back at you? Huh??? Three….ok

    BTW – learn how to spell.

    For everyone else, I love all of the Jersey girls; each one is unique and has some issues, but don’t we all!!!

  15. This show is interesting but drainig. I can’t stand hypocrisy & idiocy:That’s why I can’t stand Caroline & Dina. Caroline Dina, Teresa & Jacqueline all live off their husbands as so did Daniel before she got divorced. If any of their husbands were to leave them and play the same money games as Daniel’s ex does, they too would be in the same boat because none of them are self sufficient. Dina’s business is just a hobby she recently embarked on within the last couple years and she hasl already quit, Which she was running btw out of the Brownstone. The only genuine ones on this show are Jacqueline & Dina. Teresa is a brainless broad who launders her husband’s “entrepreneural” $ in extreme shopping with the unintelligent excuse that she heard there is a recession. Idiot what about a credit card? Any 1/2 decent financial planner would tell her that’s why she should use a card for the protections they offer & pay in full each month. Dina & Caroline are pissed about people discussing their father in law’s mob style execution being brought up to embarass the grandkids who never knew he was executed for illegal gambling. Why didn’t they think about Danielle’s kids when they chose to get a private investigator & dig up her past? Karma is a bitch!! LOVE JACQUELINE & DANIELLE. Caroline & Dina are just geriatric mean girls & Teresa the insecure dumb, gullible hanger on.

  16. CORRECTION TO THE ABOVE POST. I MEANT THE THE ONLY GENUINE ONES ON THE SHOW ARE JACQUELINE AND DANIELLE. NOT JACQUELINE AND DINA. Caroline is the epitome of the dumbing down of America. Thank God her eldest son is off to college. Neither Caroline nor her husband are college educated. Such a waste of money. Perhaps they should have used some to purchase a good education, then they’d recognize the value of a good education. If their businesses were to be desroyed and all their investments evaporate completely with the recession, they would be up the creek without a paddle. Caroline has no skills besides being a loudmouthed, obnoxious NJ wife which is her only ambition. She disparages Danielle, yet she is proud that her dumb daughter’s only ambition is to trap some poor unsuspecting man to marry & take care of her so she can stay home and be a wife and mother. There are so many beautiful, educated AND INTELLIGENT women out there who rich men would much prefer. All the women in my Italian family are professionals, college educated. These Manzo & Guidice women give Italians a bad name. Most educated Italian women want their daughters to do the same. Gheto trashTeresa could use some of that $ and free time and get an education. When her husband decides to trade her in for a more intelligent model, she will be no different than Daniel looking for a new man who can continue to keep her in the same lifestyle. VILE HYPOCRITES

  17. let this all go if its mod or just italian …what ever dina was on bridezillas and know the house wifes of new jersey born and bread in jersey. this show is bull

  18. These housewifes are nothing but a bunch of airheads bimbos! They all need to learn some manners. Money in this case did not buy class.

    “Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. If you have that awareness, you have good manners, no matter which fork you use” ~Emily Post

    Real Housewifes are women like most of us. We raise our kids, teach them to respect others. We got jobs
    and we are part of a useful society. I am a proud New Jersey Housewife, my husband and I are best friends,
    and I don’t feel like a parasite at his side, I am his partner in life. We don’t have a Lot of Money, but we have a
    lot of respect.

  19. I’m floored to read the amount of negativity in these posts about groups of housewives on Bravo. These shows are for your entertainment. If you don’t enjoy them, change the channel or turn off your TV. I can’t believe how many of you spent so much time casting your judgement on these women and then slamming each other.

    Take a deep breath, take a step back, and remember – it’s only TV. Go find something REAL and worthwile in the world to be passionate about and stop wasting your life on this junk. If you need a jumping off point – I have multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia…go donate some time to find a cure. Whatever you choose to do remember – life is short so be kind to each other.

    Have a good day, everyone.

  20. the only smart & independent one is Danielle ,yes she has made mistakes in the past, but we all have, the others one are dumb uneducated & followers of Caroline, she is loud ignorant , want to be seen, unattractive ghetto, Dina & Tereasa caters to her & are followers without a mind of their own, Dina wedding was a waste of money, I am sure her husband mistress & all his others womens was there laughing at her jackquline does not know what to do, she is stuck in the middle of her sister -in -law and their drama,

  21. If that is the best New Jersey has to offer then I have no desire to visit. The overly pompous attitude, as if being born (or raised) in NJ entitles you to be an over-priced psycho witch, with unruly, poor mannered children is a life’s goal…. PLEASE! Money can buy many things, but as proven on this show, it can’t buy you class.

    Now I understand why everyone I know warned me not to watch this show…. what an awful representation of NJ and women as a whole.

  22. To be honest i think that all the people here criticizin the women of the show are hypocrits. If yall were in the positions they are in how do you know you wont act the same as they do. think about it.

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