The Barack Obama Democratic Club

The Barack Obama Democratic Club of Upper Manhattan is the newest political club in New York City. They are an independent, multi-ethnic force for progressive politics in the neighborhoods of Washington Heights, West Harlem/Hamilton Heights, and Inwood.

The group is made up of committed local residents working to make sure that their community’s voice is heard on the local, city, state, and national level.

The goals of the Club include:

* Supporting and electing progressive, activist candidates to office at all levels;
* Taking a stand on issues critical to our community, including on matters related to housing, schools, public safety, mass transit, parks, racial equality, immigrant rights, economic justice, marriage equality, and women’s reproductive rights;
* Advocating for Upper Manhattan to receive its fair share of resources and services from local government;
* Opening up the political process so that residents from all walks off life can participate, and especially encourage young people and new voters to get involved and
* Supporting the Obama administration in its efforts to advance a progressive agenda.

Get more info here….

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